valores das apostas de loterias With A Three Days Notice, Washington Will Retire Sean Taylor’s 21

Early Thursday morning The Washington Football Team announced they will be retiring Sean Taylor’s 21. For any of those that are unfamiliar, Taylor was tragically murdered at his Miami home in 2007. It rocked the Washington organization and fan base.

At that time Taylor was having the best year of his career. In the nine games he played that season, he had five interceptions.

Now, this announcement is inexcusable. It is only three days before the game Sunday, not that anyone might have issues getting tickets. But for a team that is so desperate to bring fans back to FedEx, you would think this would have been announced a lot sooner. Not to mention that they are dead last in attendance this season.

As a 26-year-old fan of this football team, I don’t have a lot of positives to look back on. My youngest memory is seeing them win their only playoff game at FedEx, at that time it was called Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. That was in January of 2000. Since then, it has been nothing short of embarrassing to watch this team at times. I’ve seen my fair share of coaches and players cycle through. There have only been a small handful of players that still give me joy hearing their names. Sean Taylor is one of them. His play was reckless at times. But my generation has not seen a playmaker like him play for the burgundy and gold since.

Isso dói como fã ao longo da vida, vendo o time com o qual você ficou com toda a propriedade perdida e terrível, tratando -o assim.Depois de proteger seu número 21 por tanto tempo, você pensaria que esse seria um negócio maior para a organização.Sean Taylor e sua família mereciam mais.Em vez disso, a equipe o está usando como uma distração.

Para os fãs que estarão lá no domingo, aproveite.Seja alto e deixe Sean Taylor orgulhoso.Algo que a organização não conseguiu fazer.

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